Saving the Earth, one seed at a time

I was recently reading through one of my favorite artists blogs, Jason Mraz. He led me to a wonderful site and conservation project: The Millennium Seed Bank Project. Their goal is to collect as many seeds as possible in an effort to save them from extinction. This preservation project is very likely one of the largest conservation projects around. So far the bank has been able to collect
23,000 plant species and most of the native plants where the MSD resides, the U.K. They are a non-profit organization that relies on people like you and me to donate so they can keep doing there thing. Here's an awesome video from their website that explains what they're doing and how important it is:

Now, more than ever, is the time in which we should look to projects like this for guidance and inspiration to lend a hand in saving our planet. Now is the time when we can unite and bring awareness to everyone. The only way we can make a positive change is to work together no matter what our skin color, accent, or religion may be. Another project called Save-A-Seed Coalition is hoping to do just that. They want to get the word out about the MSD to help promote and fund the project and hopefully move more people to understand that they can make a difference. Join the revolution!


Maaja said...

well said :) and also thanks for linking to my page =)