Hope carries around the world

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This Saturday is the International Day of Climate Action and 350.org is hoping to make a statement about their cause. 350.org is a movement started in large part by writer Bill McKibben and aims to bring CO2 output levels down to 350ppm (parts per million), which is considered by some scientists to be the safest level for long-term human survival. Check out their mission in video form:

There's a whole bunch of cool stuff surrounding this event worldwide. It's inspiring to see so many countries preparing to take part that I can't help but feel affected by it. The joining of people for a common goal is always uplifting, especially when their aim is carried out through positivity and hope. You can check out some of the things that'll be taking place this Saturday around the world here.  And if you're interested in finding some events near you check out 350.org.

Another awesome site to check out is Hopenhagen.org. This movement, like 350.org, is aiming to affect the outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December by bringing people together to demand positive change. Let them know what gives you hope.

Nature's beauty gives me hope.


Make it yours

So yesterday was Blog Action day...and I didn't write anything. An interesting feeling over took me as I sat trying to think about what I should say. But nothing was coming to me and that made me feel uncomfortable. Then the realization hit that I dislike the terms global warming and climate change. I think they make people who don't care about the planet care even less. And most of the people who are listening already care.

Here's my view: I should respect my body and the planet that provides me with the means to maintain that healthy body.Along with respect comes compassion. You don't need to hear numbers of greenhouse gas emissions or the like if we were all truly compassionate towards everyone and everything.

Nothing makes more sense to me than compassion:  
sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it. 

So why am I writing this? Well, after thinking about it I've come to realize that it makes me pretty sad to think we have to be convinced that it's a good idea to respect the planet. That the inclination to trample all over nature is so common that you're considered a 'tree-hugger' (which always seems offensive) if you think otherwise. I hate the focus on climate change because I think it's so much more than that. Every person should have healthy water to drink and clean air to breath. They should also have healthy nutritious food and a place to live. If we had these things would healthcare be in the situation it is now? If companies who polluted out the ying-yang cared about the people directly and indirectly affected by them would things be different? I think so. And I believe it really comes down to each us of embracing a little compassion for all the lovely beings of our world.

So for my belated Blog Action Day post I ask that each of us try to practice showing more compassion and respect for the old and new, the rich and poor, and the trees and bees.

With love and peace,

Uncategorized thoughts

I don't post here as often as I should. Or maybe as often as I think I should. I sometimes feel that maybe no one is listening to what I have to say. Other times I feel that I have so much I want to say that it all gets so jumbled in my brain that I can't coherently transfer those ideas and beliefs into words.

My problem is motivation. My bigger problem is not knowing what motivates me. I have constant channels of inspiration through sites I love to visit (Superforest.org or Mr. Mraz's blog), the music I listen to, and the movies and documentaries I watch. But rarely does that inspiration manifest into anything bigger than my own thoughts. Sometimes I think that's enough. Other times I realize that it isn't enough and I have a duty as a human being to spread truth and knowledge to anybody who will listen.

Derek and I just watched Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story. It was a moving and enlightening film that pushed my "This is BS! Where do we start? What can we do?"  button. We then talked about the period of time in which that feeling usually lasts...about 1-2 weeks for someone not fully dedicated to the cause. We may think and feel the same way but our actions slowly revert to not reflect our ideals because we don't have those constant reminders. Of course this isn't the case for everyone but it's not uncommon.

For me that loss of dedication happens on a regular basis. I need constant reminders for why I'm doing what I'm doing. Be it writing, photography, supporting a cause or achieving any life goal. It could be that I haven't fully embraced 'me' and I'm constantly wasting time trying to figure out who I should be. But that is of my own doing. For me yoga has become an integral part in teaching me about myself. Now if the world could offer me enough time to figure out myself and put a pause on bills and other societal requirements I'd be ever so grateful.

But you know what? Sometimes I feel that all of this craziness in my head is my inner naturalist wanting to escape. To get away from the things we've made up as a society to keep us civilized. I just want to run to the mountains with as many loved ones willing to come and make a life for ourselves with nature as the ruler of all things. Oh, what dreams may come...

Though I may not be constantly posting it's safe to say that I'm usually sitting in front of this screen throughout my days. So if any of you have something interesting, moving, or offensive to say...let me know. I'll be here.


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. -John Muir

Blog Action Day

On October 15th, 2009 I'm taking part in Blog Action Day. This event was started a couple of years ago and is now being powered by the awesome social action site Change.org. It is aimed at making one issue stand out for a day by having bloggers focus on that one issue in their writing. The hope is that if we take out one day to focus on a cause that is important to us and the world we can start conversations that will then lead to action. This years focus is Climate Change, a threat to humans and the environment alike. This is great timing because big things are happening in December when leaders across the world will congregate in Copenhagen, Denmark for international climate negotiations.

So if you have a blog and you're interested in taking part head on over to their website to register. And don't forget to spread the word...