Hope carries around the world

Photo from Flickr user Ashting

This Saturday is the International Day of Climate Action and 350.org is hoping to make a statement about their cause. 350.org is a movement started in large part by writer Bill McKibben and aims to bring CO2 output levels down to 350ppm (parts per million), which is considered by some scientists to be the safest level for long-term human survival. Check out their mission in video form:

There's a whole bunch of cool stuff surrounding this event worldwide. It's inspiring to see so many countries preparing to take part that I can't help but feel affected by it. The joining of people for a common goal is always uplifting, especially when their aim is carried out through positivity and hope. You can check out some of the things that'll be taking place this Saturday around the world here.  And if you're interested in finding some events near you check out 350.org.

Another awesome site to check out is Hopenhagen.org. This movement, like 350.org, is aiming to affect the outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December by bringing people together to demand positive change. Let them know what gives you hope.

Nature's beauty gives me hope.