Of inner thoughts and feelings. How cute.

I'll admit it, I've given into buying canvas bags for grocery shopping. I've even walked in, realized I forgot to bring my own bags and purchase more. Then I feel better about myself and I expect everyone to do what I do/did when they forget their bags. Man, how self righteous am I?

I've always gotten on others for not doing things my way. I've come to realize that it's not fair to act like that towards them or even myself for that matter. There's a difference between not caring and forgetting. There's also a difference between caring and taking on too much. Maybe not for everyone but for many I'm sure. I think I've got the "take too much on" syndrome (among other things). It's basically an unwavering need to satiate my craving for knowledge and experience. I usually end up overwhelming myself with everything I want to learn/read/do/watch/listen to. I have a serious lack of patience and organizational skills. And I feel like a failure when I'm not a pro at something. ( I don't mean to bore you with my self deprecation but the best way to deal with a problem is to recognize it and then work on fixing it...or so I'm told)

I do things and have beliefs that not everyone agrees with. When I'm criticized about those things I get pretty frosty towards that person. I hold a lot of grudges. Not good, I know. But I'll keep on doing what I believe in no matter what people say about it. I'm well aware that my tastes and beliefs may change with time. And I know the same thing is going to happen to other people. So everyone needs to get off of their high horses and chill out. Myself included.

Humans are fallible, we all know this. We make mistakes, we forget things, we get lazy. We're just not perfect. It's ok to change our minds, to take things back if we didn't mean it.
It's not cool to act like you're better than someone else because they didn't choose your path. The best way to make things happen in this world is by being open minded and...caring *cue the cheesy music*. I definitely don't mean to preach, just thinking out loud. Sometimes I think I care too much and I wish people could change their views so we could finally have some peace in this world. Who knows, maybe we'll find it someday or maybe we're just part of a constant cycle. Part of a group of people who care about themselves, the environment, humankind but...never get anywhere.

So in turning this around to be much lighter and bubbly, I recommend to thee, Jason Mraz. He's the most uplifting mofo I know of. I love his music, his lyrics, and his blog (http://freshnessfactorfivethousand.blogspot.com/). He keeps things real, even if things are ugly.

With that, I am finished.


The end.