Day 2 in Sedona, Arizona

For the past two days I've been enjoying the sights of Sedona, Arizona. I absolutely am in love with this place. The mountains and canyons in this area are some of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. We arrived yesterday at 8:30am after leaving Orlando at 7:30am. The 3 hour time difference takes some getting used to but it's kind of a blessing at the same time. I woke up much earlier than usual and felt great. We landed in Phoenix and drove a couple of hours to our first stop: Montezuma Castle

This is an old area where natives used to dwell. They'd use ladders to get up to their homes carved into the mountain side. After this we headed to our rental home which is stunning....

Today we visited Slide Rock Park,my favorite place so far. Everyone was jumping off cliffs into the river and sliding down the naturally carved shoot. I jumped once and paid the price of irritating the stupid sciatica that is ruining my life at the moment. But I digress. It was an amazing place to be, with wild blackberries growing in the area. They were SO delicious. I had stained fingers by the end of our visit =P

We headed to another swimming area after Slide Rock but we were rained out pretty quickly. We also attempted to catch the sunset at the Airport Mesa which is famous for their awesome view but the clouds put a damper on things. Instead we climbed up a small mountain to an amazing view of the city and surrounding red rocks. Unfortunately for me it was too dark to really capture anything on camera. Tomorrow we head to The Grand Canyon for two days with a quick stop to catch the sunrise at the cliff we visited tonight. Until tomorrow =D