Follow your heart

This video comes with a good message. (Via offgrid's blog, @offgrid is his twitter name)

This video is a part of a the Globaloneness project and is only one of many vids listed on their site. Their message is moving and powerful. Their aim is to show the world that we are all connected; we are one. And together we can bring peace and end suffering. From their site:

We hope that by showing the diverse ways oneness is expressed—in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture, and social justice—others will be inspired to create solutions to personal and community challenges from their own lived understanding of oneness.

I'm absolutely in love with their message. I've felt for a long time that we're all connected, in everything, in every way. No matter what we look like or speak there is something that brings us all together. So, what would that look like?