Food safety falls on consumers

The deciding factor on whether the food we purchase is safe falls on us. Wait, wtf? Yes, apparently it's true. An article was recently published in the NY Times on ConAgra Foods, a company known for their frozen food dishes that has placed the safety factor of their products on the consumer. They just can't guarantee that the food they make will be safe for consumption. Well, that's just great.We get to use the "kill step" which involves heating the meal to a certain temperature. Everyone get their food thermometers out!

It also doesn't bode well for them that they couldn't pinpoint the ingredient that sickened 15,000 people in 2007 from salmonella poisoning. And they're not the only ones who can't guarantee safety. Many are guilty: Nestlé, General Mills, and the Blackstone Group (Swanson and Hungry-Man.)

To find out more read the NY Times article. I would ultimately advise anyone to stay away from these foods. To quote Dr. Brule (Tim and Eric hehe), "for your health!" =P

Stay safe