Day 6: Red Rock Crossing

(Late, I know...)

Today was absolutely amazing. We visited Red Rock State Park and hiked up an amazing trail to Cathedral Rock. The terrain was mainly rocky and we had to cross Oak Creek to continue on. The hike was a whopping 1.5 miles round trip.

But it felt like 3. At least.

We weaved back and forth on the open path, surrounded by all sorts of local vegetation and funny looking lizards. We also encountered some mountain bikers who made my jaw drop. I couldn't even imagine trying this trail myself with a bike of all things. Once we got closer to the peak we had to climb up slabs of jutting red rock. At some points I even had to go on all fours to make it up. We brought 6 liters of water for the 5 of us and once we got close to the peak we started running out, effectively cutting our trip short (the Arizona sun is HOT). Even without making it to the very top the view from where we were was nothing short of breathtaking. We felt like we were on top of the world and it felt exhilarating to make it as far as we did.

Taking a dip in the creek afterwards was the perfect remedy for a much overheated Derek and I (he even got to fly off of a rope swing...lucky). I was too afraid of hurting myself further so I passed on the rope.

After lunch we dragged ourselves to do some shopping in the local village where Derek got me a wooden, locally made flute. The saleswomen was pretty convincing once she whipped out her own flute and played us a few tunes. I was sold after that. I find the sound of the flutes so mesmerizing and relaxing (I’d wanted once since I’d seen a man playing one whilst sitting on a rock wall at the Grand Canyon).

On our way back to the house we stopped at the popular Chapel of the Holy Cross which was inspired by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright more than fifty years ago. The chapel was built into the red rocks of Sedona and apparently took 18 months to construct. It was definitely a sight to see. After doing some research I found out that Arizonans chose the cathedral as one of Arizona’s 7 wonders. For good reason too. The inside was pretty majestic as well with tall ceilings and two long windows spanned from floor to roof. I wish I had snapped a photo of the front but I felt so exhausted from our hike and my head was pounding to the point that I could barely enjoy it.

We took our leave after a few minutes of oh's and ah's and headed home for a much needed recharge.

Want advice for relaxation and recharge? Hot tubs!! Especially in Arizona, at night, with no roof above your head. The stars are incredible.