Finding comfort in yoga

I just stumbled across an interesting article on Gaiam's website about an autistic boy and his new love for yoga. Andrew Benisek, a nine-year old boy diagnosed with pervasive developmental delay found some old yoga tapes that belonged to his mother and was instantly hooked.

Stories like this always remind me that we're still searching for, not a cure per se, but something to help those diagnosed within the autism spectrum. I'd say we lucked out with my brother. Sure, he has his speech problems and sometimes has trouble interacting in social situations but he's very intelligent and capable even with his disorder. I don't know what it's like to have a "normal" brother but I wouldn't trade James in for anyone else. I would like to help him though. He understands that his speech isn't where it should be and I can see that it frustrates him. For that reason I'm always wondering what I can do for him but I always come up empty.

Boy is he in for a surprise when I spring yoga on him! I would have never thought to introduce him to the practice but it makes total sense. He's always all over the place (of course he's a 13 year old boy) but I think he can learn a lot about himself through yoga. The article also mentions that yoga practice may help with focusing and concentration (both of which my brothers needs). Along with the soothing voices, sounds and breathing techniques (and the cool sounding 'warrior pose') I think he may like it. I guess we'll find out once the school week is over...

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Until we meet again =)